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About NaviStar Legal
NaviStar Legal is a business that provides legal advice to small and medium sized businesses as their in-house lawyer and other FREE and affordable products and packages that are specifically designed by feedback from SMBs.
Ever paid too much for a business lawyer?
Need to 'de-risk' a deal but little cashflow to do it?
Need someone to fight your corner but can't find the right lawyer?
We provide affordable legal wisdom in the place of expensive legal advice.

Our Vision

By 2023 we want to triumph the next generation of lawyers
by having a worldwide network of 1,000 next generation
lawyers based in 5 continents that have served over 10,000 SMEs worldwide with affordable wisdom. 

We want “affordable wisdom” to be a world wide standard, taught in at least five business schools with at least five associated lawyers showing up as international role models.

It can be a major problem to find a lawyer
or a legal solution you can afford and trust, which may leave you exposed to 
unnecessary risks and costs.

We provide a selection of predictable fixed cost legal solutions – including a legal healthcheck – to empower you and your business  to grow and be successful.

Our Case Studies demonstrate how effective our legal solutions are for our clients.

We are creating a tribe of next generation lawyers who provide affordable
wisdom to SMEs.