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Legal Health Check

Our Legal Health Check is a tailored legal service for solopreneurs and small businesses that need quick, comprehensive insight into where they stand legally and what issues they need to deal with to keep themselves safe. It’s especially useful if you’re just starting out and don’t really know what you need to do to keep yourself protected, or if you’ve been running for a while but you need to double check where you stand generally, or in the wake of a legal problem.

Legal Support

NaviStar’s Legal Support is our most comprehensive service, designed for small and medium businesses that need the support of an in house lawyer on demand, without the commitment and expense of hiring an external legal team or creating your own in house team. Whether you’ve got a one-off issue that you just need to get taken care of or you need ongoing support to keep your business protected and profitable, we’re here for you.

Legal Helpdesk

The NaviStar Legal Helpdesk is an innovative legal service that gives you access to world-class legal advice on an affordable, as-needed basis. It’s specifically designed for solopreneurs and small businesses that know they need some legal support and protection, but don’t have enough legal business or budget to warrant hiring an in-house lawyer.

World-Class Legal Training

Legal Training is a set of tools, templates and training that gives you access to world-class legal training on an affordable, as-needed basis. It’s specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses that know that their staff need ongoing legal support on contractual or general compliance issues, but don’t have enough legal business or budget to warrant hiring an in-house lawyer. It allows you to do-it-yourself. More than just a ‘template-bank’ it provides you with guidance that allows you to make decisions specifically for your own company.

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