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Jo Rogers
Next Generation Lawyer Debate

At NaviStar Legal, we are creating a tribe of next generation lawyers who provide affordable wisdom to SMEs. To develop the concept of a next generation lawyer, we asked a number of inhouse lawyers to contribute their thoughts on what makes a lawyer ‘next generation’. To have your say Join the debate on LinkedIn.

Michelle Mancy:

“A next generation lawyer is one who drafts, explains and advises only in the most concise manner. Lengthy fence-sitting advices that are full of legal jargon are a thing of the past and no longer rated as valuable or useful. Their advice clearly states a risk-based recommendation. A next generation lawyer would consider itself an important member of a business team, without false airs due to the mere fact of their occupation or qualification”

Neil Bruce:

“A ‘next generation lawyer’ is… simply what all good lawyers should be today. Competent and expert in the law; understanding of client needs and the context in which the client operates and seeks advice; being pragmatic in evaluating options and what they entail; and being transparent in terms of the delivery, cost and the entire legal advice process. Enthusiasm, commitment and taking pride in their work are also essential attributes.”

Yeun San Naylor-Lui:

“A next generation lawyer is someone who is a trusted business advisor, gives relevant, pragmatic commercial advice and provides good value for money. In an ideal professional partnership, it is someone whom I can pick up the phone to get some informal, initial advice for no fee (or a retainer arrangement) in order to assist in scoping out potential instructions and/or to get some quick answers.”

Gary Yantin:

“A next generation lawyer is one who does what his client wants, whatever that may mean.”  Jelena Madir: “A ‘next generation lawyer’ is a lawyer who, in addition to analytical ability, attention to detail and persuasiveness also possesses such skills as financial literacy, emotional intelligence, project management, collaboration skills and technological affinity.

Maya Mehta:

“A next generation lawyer is a lawyer who is propelled by their passion for justice and who uses their skills to push boundaries, mobilise others and inspire change!”

Ruth Ambrose:

“A next generation lawyer is more than just a lawyer.  A next generation lawyer is solution –orientated, combining business insight and commercial acumen with legal knowledge to add real value to a business.”

Louise Maybury:

“A next generation lawyer is a happy and motivated team member who is able to give advice which takes into account the legal requirements as well as the desired outcome and the commercial interests of the business.”

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